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Friday, December 2, 2022

Thrifted Christmas Treasures - Decorate with Me

 Hi Friends,

Today, I'm getting out my Thrifted Christmas Treasure I've found this year and incorporate them into my vintage decorating for the Holiday season!

All year I have been picking-up jiggle bells when I see them

A year or two ago I bought a white tree for a $1.00 at 'Dollar Tree' and today I'll be incorporating the thrifted bells to adorn this white tree.

also, a couple of weeks ago I thrifted a grab bag of very small bottle brush wreaths so I'll be using them also.

cute little plastic Angel

this little wreath had two tiny brass bells and gold twine wrapped around it

Because the white tree is on the high boy in the guest room I dug out these super cute cake or muffin picks I thrifted I think 2020?

Starting with the Mantel

Christmas Village

a couple more cupcake picks a plastic Santa and a paper angel. In the ironstone dish I have a frosted bell with a glass ball/dinger made in japan

Cute little tree I think.

Thank you so much for stopping by  'My Little Colorado Cottage', I'm slowly getting out my seasonal décor, so please check back to see how my Christmas home decorations are evolving this season.

May God Bless You and Your Family this Holiday season, 

I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Vintage Christmas Village- a Walk Through Memory Lane

Hi Friends,

Walking down memory lane of my Christmas Village collection display of years gone by.

Thank you so much for stopping by 'My Little Colorado Cottage'  this week.

I started collecting Ceramic Christmas Houses from Wal-Mart back in 2009.

They came white and wrapped in cellophane ready to paint.

I started with a Hot Rod Parts shop, High School, Pet Shop, and a Tire/Gas Station for a Christmas village



This year I added a ceramic church to the Christmas village on a shelf above the entry closet



This year I was into sparkly tinsel garland on top of the hutch and arranged the houses into a small cozy town with a train traveling through.


I decided to split up the house and added more trees.

Here on the Mantel, I was going for a woodsy Christmas with trees and buffalo checked, red berries or deep in the woods Christmas feel

On another shelf I added a few hand carved trucks



I moved my Christmas village to a longer shelf and added cotton fabric to look like a snowy Christmas Village.

added a new piece - Grocery Store


This year my thought is bringing in diy vintage looking Putz Christmas houses using paper or light weight cardboard (like cereal boxes)

I've found a few free blueprints to add some Putz houses

LINK>>>> The Pink Tree You-Tube

LINK>>>>> Stephanie at Deliberately Creative You-Tube

link>>>> Robin Johnson You-Tube

Please check back next week, I'll be working on getting my Christmas décor out and trying one of the patterns.

Thanks again for checking out my blog, would love to hear what you new craft are you trying this Holiday season.

So until my next post.....

May God Bless You and Your Family this Holiday Season!

I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett

Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday - Thrift Haul - on the Hunt for Vintage

Hi Friends,

I did visit my local thrift store hoping to find more Thanksgiving treasures or maybe a couple more unique pumpkins, I didn't come home with pumpkins or unique Thanksgiving pieces .....

but, I found a few more things for Christmas and I did find a few bucket list items.

I have a collection of moss rose china that was handed down to me.
Any time I find a piece I pick it up. the little covered dish/tureen had a sticker price of $10.00 - I got it for $6.00. YIPPIE!

The Peter Rabbit plate made by Wedgewood in England, I do already have a plate, saucer, cup set. I just couldn't pass it up for $3.00

The vintage salad plate had no marking, but think it might be a Homer & Laughlin piece, $.50

Cute Christmas hand towel for $.50

A very cute violin shape clear glass bottle made by Maryland Glass Company in the 50's possibly,
 I used in my November Fall décor.


Craft supplies are on my list of things to look for because as you know the prices are very reasonable bag of bells $.75 each, sequins $.15 each.
red beads $.30

For $1.00 I found a bag of tinsel

A box of Christmas tree coasters $1.75

a super cute velvet potpourri cone ornament $.50

I spotted the glass handle door knobs that were in a glass case, I asked to look at the knobs and for $6.00 I thought, WOW!

after getting them home I'm not sure if there vintage not much wear-tear, but $6.00 isn't bad for a new set I don't think.

Super cute bird house for $3.00, I'll be using this birdhouse outside next spring

Lastly, Who can resist a grab bag or two? 



Not a super big haul but found a few special pieces. 

I would like to know what item did you like? 

What are some treasures on your list to hunt for?

Thank you so much for taking a little time out of your day to check out what I have been doing here at 'My Little Colorado Cottage' 

Please check back soon, I'm hoping to start decorating for the month of December next week.

Until the next post .....

May God Bless You and Your Family,

I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving - November Vignettes in the Den

Hi Friends,

I am so thankful you stopped by "My Little Colorado Cottage" and take a moment out of your day to see what I have been up to.


Today, I'm just showing you a few vignettes I've been working on in the den for the end of November, using some of my New and old vintage seasonal finds.


I've had this great pumpkin jar for a few years.  This season I decided to fill the glass pumpkin with small faux pumpkins 

and place the pumpkin jar on a vintage pewter platter I thrifted, then garnished the platter with small pine cones and pip berry stems from a wreath I also thrifted.

I liked how the colors of berries and pumpkins work with the table scarf and brass candle sticks.


over on my tobacco box collection shelves I intermingled a few seasonal thrifted treasures 

vintage Eureka-Die-Cut turkey, I believe from the 70's?


If you have read early posts I have brought in dried florals this year, from my yard-(yarrow, zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers, and poppy pods).

Also, used dried beans, peas, and popcorn kernels to anchor floral stems and add color in this dark corner of the den.


A new find is this clear vintage bottle in the shape of a violin and I paired it with a art deco green ceramic harvest creamer

I brought last years thrifted turkey head, I believe belongs to a Wild Turkey decanter- (that I'm on the hunt for)

I also pulled out a cute DIY Buffalo check pumpkin I made a couple of years ago. I still love Buffalo check décor.


Another little area of the den, is on top a corner book case unit with seasonal décor.

I have incorporated more dried florals and feathers into this little vintage.

a vintage seed box adorns the corner shelf unit, I brought in a 'Hull' leaf shape planter, along with a vintage oil can, dried gourds, and a few small terra-cotta pots with pip berries.

Over in another area of my den I have a vintage trunk that I add seasonal décor

This season, I have moved two of my vintage picnic basket to the top of the trunk and added a vintage Eureka-Turkey Die-Cut

the home-made cloth hen always resided here,
 I sat her in the the Star Tobacco box, 
added small faux pumpkins and gourds to the nesting area.

Another area I like to decorate with seasonal items is in this corner
I incorporated another 1970's seasonal Die-Cut along with a vintage oil lamp I have had in my collections for many, many years.

Here on this shelf I included the Art Deco 60's yellow and gold vase with all of the dried floral I used this year in my Autumn décor.


Over on the red crackle shelves in the Den I incorporated a few seasonal details, I included a dried bean turkey DIY, that my Granddaughter made in school.


On the ledge below the red shelves
I found another vintage Thanksgiving Die-Cut from the 70's I believe, of children dressed as Pilgrims and a smiley turkey,

a pottery piece my daughter made many years ago in Middle-School and couple of new Pepsi bottles I thrifted this summer

Pepsi crate with a few collected nick-knacks

I'm a little late to the game, (life happens). I do hope I gave you a few ideas how I add my vintage treasures into my home for the seasons.

Thank you so much for stopping by 'My Little Colorado Cottage', I sure hope you have a fantastic weekend.
May God Bless You and Your Family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,