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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Vintage Thrifting in Another Town - Found Some Great Treasures!

 Hello Friends, 

I got out of small town this last weekend and enjoy having a variety of antique shops to rummage in.

The first antique/ thrift store was "Wilsons Estate" this shop had a great selection of furniture, a few very nice dinning room china hutches average price $75.00 to $150.00 (we took the car on this trip or I might have brought a china hutch home with me) 

They had a variety of all kinds of treasures but a little bit sparse. It might be possible this store had recently opened, however, I was able to find a few cherished things.  This is what I bought home.

A big selection of postcards 4 for a $1.00 I'll be putting some of the post cards away for and spring.  I used

I picked up a vintage wooden pestle for a food mill masher? for $4.00.

 I place the pestle on top of the kitchen cabinets with a longer pestle and a food mill. 

The screened funnel here on the shelf, I used as a kid separating the skins of apricots for canning we called it a juicer.

I thought the hand held lemon or orange juicer, $3.00 was a great price and I didn't have one.

I've seen several collectors on social media pick up these Anchor Hocking cruets while thrifting. 

My Mother had a set for oil and red vine vinegar. So of course when I spied the set for a $1.00 each!


The next store was "Redeemed Treasures" of the past it had been in business around 7 year the clerk said this store was more like a mall with I would say fifty venders and a good variety of vintage treasure.

The winter scene post cards($1.00 each) I will be packing away until winter.

I just can't believe two I bought another hand held lemon/orange juicer ($1.60), lol, so now I have two (crazy). 

I also placed the green handle biscuit cutter ($4.00), as you can see next to my many aluminum cookie cutter. I will need to find a bigger container for all those cookie cutters I love so much.😊

I was super happy to find a Prince Albert cigarettes' tin at a reasonable price of $3.20 or I thought it was a good price. I nestled the Prince Albert tin in with a few of my other tobacco tins and brown bottles.

I don't know why I picked up this cute small "Hull" pitcher ($4.00), I don't really collect Hull pottery. I do think the small pitcher looks nice with the brown pottery I have above the kitchen cabinets.

I really don't have much of a vintage doll collection, but this cute pair of farm dolls had a great price of $5.00 for the pair. I placed these very darling dolls on a dresser in the spare room.

When I saw three Colorado souvenir ash trays in a club shape, a diamond shape, and this spade shape ash tray($3.99 each) a little pricey for me to buy all three. 

I felt the spade shape was the one to display with my other Colorado souvenir ash trays.

Little silver-plate cup ($2.50)and souvenir spoon ($2.00) is on the shelf with the other silver plate treasures. 

It was a toss up, should the cup be in the grand kids room? displayed as a kid items? or display this cute silver plate cup with other like pieces?

Here it is on shelf with other liked treasures.

I really didn't need another green vase. The green vintage Randall bud vase is super cute ($3.00), I love green emerald glass, so there you go.....

 I place this cute emerald green bud vase with my small collection of green bottles. Loving the copper treasure with the green bottles.

I'll be holding on to the insulator wooden screw pegs ($3.00 each) for a while, I have a project I have been wanting to do in the back yard garden. 

I have been collecting vintage insulators and when ever I find a insulator wooden screw pegs, I pick them up, I was happy to have found three ($3.99)for the bundle.

I'm looking forward to get this project done this summer.
I picked up this  nickel plate Rayo oil lamp for $18.00, my plan is to upcycle the lamp to electric. 

I have two other lamp I added the bulb socket and electric cord to, I'm still looking for a few pieces to complete these lamps - shade, shade ring, collar, etc.. 

It was great to get out of town and get a new perspective on life out side my small town and of course finding new stores to go thrifting and antiquing!
I want to thank you for checking in.  I hope to give you some inspiration to go out thrifting, you just never know what kind of one of a kind treasure you will find.

 If you like the thrill of thrifting what are items you look for?

 Please check back any time, I'm trying to post at least every two weeks, with thrift hauls, vignettes of where I show off my thrifted treasures, and a few peeks at my seasonal decorating in and outside my home..

So, until next time......
May God Bless You and Your Family, 
I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Vintage Galvenized Buckets and Florals for the Front Porch

 Hi Friends,

Today, I am pulling out all of the galvanized buckets from the garden shed, to be used for flower planter in the front porch area.

I've been collecting galvanized buckets one at a time all year, when I see them I normally try and pick them up if their under $5.00 for buckets.

I have also been picking up larger terra cotta pots when I can find them for under $5.00 .  This brass bucket I have had for many year I usually place by the fireplace filled with pinecone I have gathered

I usually try and grow all of my plant from seed, however, this year our month of April and may have been cold rainy this year nights have been in the high 20's low 30's even my milk jug plants are a little behind.

 I started sowing seed in milk jug the first week of May and these are the zinnias I planted over a month ago. Very delayed zinnias I'm thinking! 

So I went to my local Wal-Mart and was pleasantly surprised that some of the lovely geraniums were half off, $2.00 a plant so, I bought a flat of ten geraniums

The weekend  after the last day of school I dropped by my storage unit looking for items I could use for summer décor. I had for gotten about the wash tubs I had here is one of them. 

The lovely wire potato basket and the large white enamel red trim wash tub I found at a auction many years ago and has been in my storage unit.  

This is my summer front porch as of June 1st.  I'm sure it I'll be changing a few things as the month of July moves closer.  I might add a few flags I don't know quite yet, I think I need a focal point not sure what it should be.

I hope I have inspired you to use some of your vintage collection to decorate your home for the different holidays or season

I want to thank you for checking in , please check back any time, I'm trying to post at least every other weekend, with thrift hauls, vignettes of where I show off my thrifted treasures, and a few pic's of my seasonal decorating in and outside my home.

So, until next time......

May God Bless You and Your Family,

I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett

Sunday, May 29, 2022

A Vintage Patriotic Vignette - Memorial Day-God Bless America!

Hi Friends,

This is a wonderful day to get together with Family and Friends to Celebration Men and Women that have given their lives to protect our Freedom in America.

Today I'm sharing a corner shelf with some of my favorite red, white, and blue treasure I gathered from around my house. 

Include the two wonderful flags my 7 year-old grand-daughter drew for us I totally love them.

Around my home I have gathered some of my favorite Red, White, and Blue treasure to share with you and hope to inspire you to get shopping your home for items you treasure.

In this vignette you can see I gather some cobalt blue bottles and jars that I placed in a Kraft cheese wooden box.

 I also remembered I had some poker chips in the right color, so I filled a red rim enamel cup (I had on top of the kitchen cabinets), with the porker chips.

  I gather one candle stick from my set of Towle Sterling silver plate candle sticks, I love the patina on this piece and placed it into the vignette.

In the corner of my dinning area, you may have notice a nut or cheese grinder, when I was researching this great find, it is from the 1940's or 1950's, it has a hand crank, it was made by Federal Tool Chicago glass, the top piece is a measuring cup, I was super to find this great piece at the thrift store.

I just find this pair of  Salt &Pepper on Spring Break visiting my Daughter in Illinois, to celebrate her son's 1st birthday. You can check out the fun treasures I found while visiting. I love this set, they are marked, made in Japan and I believe their milk glass.

I've arranged and rearranged this corner shelf many times today, trying to find what makes me smile.
I think I figured it out. What do think? I would love to hear from you.

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Red White and Blue

For seasonal holidays I try and have at least one diy project to add to my seasonal holiday décor.  I have a few new ideas for a patriotic summer coming up. Please be sure and check back, I try and post every Sunday.

Thank you for stopping by.... So until the next post,
May God Bless You and Your Family, 
I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett

Thrift haul at Local Vintage Store - Looking for Patriotic Treasures - BINGO - Found Vintage Ink Bottles

 Hi Friends,

Today I stopped by the vintage store, a couple of weeks ago I was told they would be open Sundays through the summer.  Just my luck it was open. It's been a week or so and I just wanted to see what might be new or some treasure I might have missed last time I stopped by.  

Memorial Day is in a couple of days, so hoping I might find some patriotic treasures by chance that I might use in a Patriotic vignette. BINGO! 

This is what I came home with, I found a Sanford ink bottle with royal blue ink still in the bottle for $5.00, that I might use in a Patriotic vignette.

I also brought home a aqua ink well it's also a Sanford ink will $4.00.  These beauties will be displayed on the little shelf in my office nook for now.


I spied a $3.00 tape measure, labeled  E.C. Simmons Blue Brand 50 ft. cloth tape measure. I added the tape measure to the shelf in the office nook, also.

I saw the Stanley pulley for $4.00, I knew exactly where this was going. 
I in the back yard I have two brass lanterns that I bought at an auction about 35 years ago. The last couple of years I've had the lantern hanging from hooks on the fence.

Now I'm using pulleys to hang the brass lanterns.


I really like how the lanterns look.


This awesome rusty milk can lid I purchased for $5.00, and I used as a lid for a large milk can that sits on my front porch.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and checking out the haul and how I have incorporated these treasure into my homestyle. 

 I do hope you stop by again and please leave a comment.

My God Bless You and Your Family, through these trying time.

I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Working in the Garden - Planting

 Hi Friends,

I have been trying to get out in the garden for a few hours after work this past week, the temperature has been warmer so it's time to get out in the garden areas and get them tilled and ready for planting.


I started some of my seeds with the  gallon milk jugs method, April 17th. Seems to work really well for me. I learned about gallon milk jug gardening from  Jen on You-Tube

I'm trying sweet peas in the straw bale I started last summer growing vine green beans.

I also had time today to transplant the green bean I also started back in May in milk jugs, and plant  lettuce, kale, onions, carrots, lettuce
radish seeds in this raised bed.

By 3pm, I was ready for a little rest and it getting warm.  I still wanted to get some weeding done in the flower beds, but that will have to wait until tomorrow morning.
Thank you for stopping by to see what I have been doing. I'm very relieved that I got some of the plants transfer to the garden and some seeds sowed.
Until next time....
May God Bless You and Your Family,
I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Thrifting for Vintage Treasures at Local Thrift/Vintage Stores

 Hi Friends,

 I stopped by the local thrift store and found a few treasures I'm excited to show off! 

I saw a vintage sewing machine cabinet very plain with the singer sewing machine they wanted $150.00 and it didn't work and the cabinet wasn't even pretty. I'm going to give it a couple of weeks or so and go back and give an offer I think.


Local Budget Center Thrift Store

First treasure I found is the terra cotta pots.  I've been collecting terra cotta pot for my herb garden.  When ever I see one reasonably priced I pick it up.  The two pots I found today, were $1.00 for the larger and $.50 for the smaller pot.  I'll be using these two terra cotta pot for herbs in the garden.

As I walked in the door of the thrift store, there was a basket filled with cookies cutters priced from 1.50 to 2.75.

I was over the moon when I found these cookie cutter of the Peanuts characters.

  I was charged a total of $6.00 for all 13 cookie cutters.

I have a large jar above the kitchen cabinets that houses my collection of red Tupperware cookie cutters and HRM cookies cutters.

Grandma had aluminum cookie cutter with the designs to make a gingerbread house I saw the gingerbread man cookie cutter, it brought back great memories cooking with Grandma.

I have a large aluminum strainer above the kitchen cabinets where I store all of my aluminum cookie cutters, so I just added the new cookie cutter to the strainer. Also I placed the white mug -$.50- as well on the shelf.

I have incorporated the little cobalt blue bottle -$1.00- into a Patriotic vignette for Memorial day vignette

The sewing notions and embroidery - all at $.25 each - hoop I placed in my sewing room with some other related sewing items.

The bag of beads and brass bells, I'll stash them with my craft supplies for later use.

Vintage Thrift Store

Of course I had to stop by the local Vintage/Thrift Store to see what was new

I'm working on a laundry vignette and for $1.00, this blue compact clothes line will be a great addition to my laundry room when I get it done you'll be the first to have a look.

I was looking through a box at the store that has a great selection of bottle openers and I found a wooden handle cork screw - $3.00. I have a small collection of bottle openers, I'll be adding to my barware collection 

and possibly the .....? cigar cutter? nut cutter? pickle cutter? I spent a $1.00. Has anyone have one of these?  What is it used for?


The Westcott wooden ruler that I found for $0.50.  I incorporated the ruler on a shelf in my computer area with other vintage school related treasures.

The cute little aluminum sauce pan - $1.00, I picked up was incorporated with other vintage kitchen treasures above the kitchen cabinets.

This was a great haul and the items were not overly priced I don't think. I hope I gave you some inspiration on how to add some of your collected treasure and incorporate them into your every day décor.

My God Bless 
You and Your Family through these trouble times.
I'm Vicki a Colorado Junkett